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Narinport General Trading LLC was established in 2017 with the idea to bring the best quality, hormone-free bunch tomatoes to Dubai. In late 2018, we focused our efforts on expanding the company with ambitious future plans. Our vision is to grow and supply the finest quality products to the UAE at competitive prices. We believe with our team members’ vast experience, we can successfully achieve our goals.

Today, Narinport is proud to be the leading importer of premium quality fruits and vegetables produced in remote places far away from pollution and poisoned soil. Our dedicated operations team has grown internationally and locally, and everyone contributes to the success of our company. In our close-knit Narinport family, we value and respect every member.

We work with the best supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and nurseries in the country. We are passionate about sourcing clean, fresh and chemical free produce. We encourage customers to buy certified sustainable products and offer consistent customer care service to all.

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