Here we go!

This website, is owned and managed by Narinport General Trading LLC. After this cold statement for sake of compliance with the payment gateway, let me briefly introduce my self and company :)

I have been a Dubaiti for almost ten years and I was missing delicious and natural healthy food in my kitchen. It was sarcastic because I was F&B sales manager of a five star chain, and I've seen that vast variety of food supply is available in UAE, from all over the world. But, being a working-mom, shopping wasn't an easy task either, even sometimes for essentials of my kitchen. Then with a radical decision I decided to leave my professional career and established Narinport in 2017, at one of the toughest period of life for me, just nine months after becoming mother.

I started to business with importing delicious, healthy, hormone-free bunch tomatoes, grown by my relatives in Turkey.

Then I setup this web site.

In less than three months of starting to this adventure, I delivered my Turkish bunch tomatoes to more than 1,000 addresses.

I'm now trying to add new items, being very careful in selection, and I really appreciate the interest that you have shown to my products...

Please feel free to contact me, at any time! I love getting messages from you, my customers, ! Daria Izmerli - Owner